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How to View Animated GIFs on a Mac

When you attempt to view a GIF picture in the flexible Preview app, it fails while seeming to be able to support all kinds of file types. One picture format in particular that it struggles with is this one. Instead of the actual animation, you will see all the picture frames. Here are various methods to quickly see GIF animation on Mac if you want to view animated GIFs on your Mac.

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View the Animated GIF on a Web Browser

You can view an animated GIF using your Mac’s accessible web browsers because almost all of them support GIF pictures.

1. On your Mac, find the GIF picture in Finder.

2. Click it with the right mouse button and choose “Open With,” then type the name of your browser. Any browser that supports GIFs, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, might be the culprit.

3. The GIF picture should be visible on your screen while it plays in the browser. In the example that follows, I opened the GIF file in Safari. It performed well.

Make use of a third-party app.

You may view GIFs on your Mac using a third-party program like Pixea and access a few more capabilities.

With only a few choices to zoom in/out, advance or go back to the previous image in a folder, or change the size of the Pixea viewer overall, the simple interface gets out of the way. Additionally, launching a GIF is as simple as it gets, thanks to the app’s request that you drag the GIF into it. It’s that easy.

The most attractive feature of Pixea is its keyboard shortcuts, which allow you to zoom in and out, fit to screen, create proper size, or scroll through the GIF. Will a GIF viewer be used with the majority of these features? Maybe not, but having them available via a free third-party tool that supports a wide range of picture formats is the cherry on top.

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You still have various options for viewing animated GIFs on your Mac even though the Preview program, Apple’s longtime default option for picture viewing, cannot.


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