Top 5 Best Websites to Download Free Textbooks

Textbooks are pricey, whether you're a student or trying to learn something new. These five websites allow you to download them without charge.

86% of college students, according to, get financial aid of some kind to offset the rising expense of higher education. The issue is that most of the time, the costs of the learning materials required for lessons are not expressly covered by tuition.

Since these platforms are available to everyone, including physically limited ones, the range of learning opportunities for many people has substantially expanded.

Several websites provide free textbooks for education. These PDF books are available for quick downloads or free online reading and provide academic, literary, and even children’s literature content.

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1. ScholarWorks

Operating as a shared institutional archive, ScholarWorks is overseen by the library at Grand Valley State University. ScholarWorks is the best resource for college students seeking free textbooks.

websites to download free textbooks

The website provides articles on a variety of subjects. You can locate published books, theses, projects, articles, and dissertations. A vast array of results will display when you type a specific topic into the search box to search content. Anyone can view the information on this website, and downloading books from the website does not require a student ID.

2. Freeditorial

The best place to find free PDF textbook downloads without first registering as a user is Freeditorial. Free PDF books are available to download from Freeditorial from all around the world. It serves as both a publishing business and an open library, bringing together authors and readers worldwide.


Its primary goal is to promote literature while removing barriers caused by cost. Along with offering free PDF publications, Freeditorial also aids with the publication of books written by living authors whose rights it has purchased. The website is accessible in both English and Spanish.

3. Manybook

Manybooks was founded in 2004 to offer free textbooks online by building a sizable library of PDF textbooks. There are many classics to browse through because many free PDF books accessible here are taken from the Project Gutenberg website. The Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other e-readers provide access to more than 29,000 e-books.

4. VK

A Russian social networking site called is comparable to Facebook but has some unique features. While Facebook emphasizes social connection, VK has a large community of users who share various material.


Create an account and begin participating in various book clubs because one of the keys draws for VK users is e-books. We suggest visiting the Magazine and E-Books community and the page for free medical books.

5. Internet Archive Books

The most incredible collection of free textbooks available online is most likely found at Internet Archive Books. 6 million movies, 14 million audio recordings, and 588 billion web pages worth of Internet content are also included.

internet archive of books

Internet Archive is based on the premise that not everyone can access a quality public library. Hence for global accessibility, books and textbooks must be made digitally accessible. On the website, certain books are available for free download, while others may only be loaned for a short time.

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You know where to search the next time you want to read anything captivating that offers you a dopamine high. You have it, then! These are some of the most significant websites we’ve found online for finding free books. They not only astonish you with their sizable collection of well-known books, but they also provide you the opportunity to sample new novels for free!

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