What is PlayStation Plus and is it worth it?

If you are using a PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation Plus is required to play multiplayer games online. The subscription costs $ 10 per month or $ 60 per year. PlayStation Plus also includes additional benefits such as free games every month and discounts for members only in some digital games.

What is Playstation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s online gaming service for the PlayStation 4. Online multiplayer games are required to play on PlayStation 4. Whether you’ve played a competitive multiplayer game with people you’ve never met before, or a cooperative game with a friend who lives a few blocks away, you’ll need PS Plus.

Sony has also added some additional features to the service. Only PlayStation Plus members can upload their games and store them online where they are available on another console. PlayStation Plus members receive free games every month and access to a bonus sale of digital games.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and Vita

On the PlayStation 4, Sony PS Plus works exactly like Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One. Required for online multiplayer play.

However, if you have a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Plus is not required for online multiplayer play. You can play free online games. PS Plus will still provide access to some free games and sales if you have a PS3 or Vita, but it is much less critical than on the PS4.

You need a PlayStation Plus multiplayer game (on PS4)

If you want to play online multiplayer games on PlayStation 4, you’ll need PlayStation Plus. That’s right. If you try to subscribe to online multiplayer for the first time in the game without a message, a message will appear informing you that you need PS Plus.

PlayStation Plus is not required to play single-player games and is not required to play multiplayer games if everyone is playing the game in front of the same console with a controller. All you need is online games.

This feature is not required to use other online features, including media applications like Netflix and YouTube or the PS4 web browser. You can use these features without a subscription.

Online storage for saved games

On PlayStation 4, PS Plus allows you to use online backups for saved games. The PS4 automatically uploads the saved games to Sony’s servers and can download the data to another console or the same console if you have deleted the backup games.

This ensures you always have a copy of your saved games, even if your PlayStation 4 console dies and needs to be repaired or replaced. You can find this feature on the Settings> Application Saved Data Management screen. In addition to the “Saved Data in Online Storage” and “Auto Upload” options, the yellow plus signs indicate that these features require PlayStation Plus.

How do free games work?

Sony offers several free games to PS Plus subscribers every month – sometimes called “Instant Game Collection” games. During the months when these games are available, you can choose to “buy” them for free on PlayStation 4. You can then download the game for free. It also keeps it – you can download and play it within a year from the day you “purchased” it as a subscriber.

If you don’t buy the game for a month for free, you won’t get it for free. This means that when you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you will not receive any previously free games. If you don’t download the free games every month, you will miss them and not get them for free. However, players who have been members of PS Plus for a long time may have a library with hundreds of games that they have acquired for free.

You can only download and play these free games when you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. If the subscription is terminated, you will not be able to play the games. If you restart your subscription, you can return to all previously acquired free games and play them again.

Free games offered by Sony always include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. If you only have one of these consoles – for example, you can only play on the console if you only have a PlayStation 4. Although some free games are available on multiple consoles, you can’t play a PlayStation 3 or Vita game on a PlayStation 4.

You can view free games for PS Plus subscribers on the Sony Plus website and a list of games previously provided by Sony on Wikipedia. From August 2017, quite a few indie games and older high-budget games will be on display. Please don’t wait for the latest high-budget games at the time of their release, though you can see them for free for a few years after their release.

How does the offer work?

Some of the sales made on the PlayStation Store are only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Other sales offer a higher price for non-subscribers but cheaper for subscribers. In this case, you will see two separate prices for one item in the PlayStation Store. In addition to the yellow price plus sign, it is the price for PlayStation Plus subscribers, while the white price is for non-subscribers.

Sony often sells something, but those sales aren’t always amazing. Keep in mind that you don’t usually get a discount on big new games as they come out. Discounts are usually only available on older big games or newer small indie games.

Whatever you buy through, these sales will remain for you even after your subscription expires.

So is it worth it?

Overall, the big advantage of PlayStation Plus is that you can play online multiplayer games. PS Plus is definitely worth it if you want to play more games on your PlayStation 4. Microsoft Xbox Live Gold is a pioneer in uploading online multiplayer to the Xbox 360, and Sony PS Plus now pays the same money as Microsoft Xbox Live. Even Nintendo will soon start charging an online multiplayer subscription fee on the Nintendo Switch. All game consoles have started charging online multiplayer, so the only way to play online games for free is to switch to a PC – or PlayStation 3.

Other features are a bonus. Sony offers free games in the game, so you can keep playing free games throughout the game if you are patient. However, if you only use one PS4, you only get a few free games per month, and you can’t play all of them. You are limited to games chosen by Sony, and sometimes you don’t like the choice. The offers are nice but not consistent, and you can’t expect to find something you want. You can always buy physical games – these are often cheaper than buying digital games.

Feel free to try

You can get a fourteen-day free trial of PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation Store. Some games and the PlayStation 4 console itself may include a printed PlayStation Plus trial code redeemed at the store.

If you buy from Sony, the PS Plus costs $ 10 per month, $ 25 for three months ($ 8, $ 33 per month), or $ 60 per year ($ 5 per month). If you know you want PS Plus for a year, an annual subscription is the best deal. However, you can’t cancel and withdraw your money if you change your mind after a few months. That’s the downside.

If you choose the free trial, be careful because it will automatically start your monthly membership fees. You may want to cancel your subscription or switch to a one-year membership and not pay $ 10 a month. You can also purchase PS Plus time cards at retail stores, although they will cost the same as subscribing to Sony unless you find them at the time of sale.

In fact, PlayStation 4 games can be played on PlayStation 4. This is done through Sony’s PlayStation Now service, which requires a separate monthly fee. This service actually plays games and “streams” played on Sony’s servers for you. Provides access to a library of individual games.







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