Why E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization so Important?

In the last year, web stores have appeared on the market as people have started shopping online due to the crown virus. As a result, competition has intensified, and more and more site owners have noticed that without SEO, they will lose out to other stores.

What’s wrong with most webshops?

Most webshops look like a copy in the eyes of Google because they use the same product images and descriptions as most of the competition. These usually come from the wholesaler in the form of a feed so that you can find the same thing in every letter.

And Google hates copies, in which case it chooses the location it prefers based on its algorithms, and the others don’t get traffic. And here comes the image of web store SEO, an essential part of content production.

During content creation, the store’s home page, category pages, and product pages are given unique text, in practice at least 2000-3000 characters long. There are also rules for making this where the basics of SEO copywriting should be used. Google reads a relevant text about specific Content and then sent to visitors in return.

The other pillar is link building, which links to a particular site and its parts on the internet. Of course, this branch of SEO is also a separate science. It should be applied with caution as a beginner because it can cause great harm.

Although Google’s motto is Content first, without link building, only limited success can be achieved. The more competition there is in the field, and the more money you make, the stronger the search engine optimization competition can be expected. In the same way, link building alone is not enough, and Content must be produced for the given webshop.

A good SEO can manage these activities together in a system to prepare the best possible materials in writing while also getting the links.

How to beat the prominent individuals who have been on the market for a long time?

The more a webshop has been on the market for a long time, the more signals it points to in the eyes of the Google search engine. Entering the market is not an easy task and may even require a significant investment to achieve valuable SEO positions.

It is best to analyze the strategy of your competitors to see what makes them successful. Their content production strategy reveals how often we need to publish articles, how long they are, and what they are about. From the topics covered, you can already start the keyword research, and from this, you can filter out what people are interested in.

Finally, it is necessary to map the links of the competitors. From this, it is possible to estimate the intensity of link building with which success can be achieved. In this case, the emphasis is not only on the number of pieces but also on relevance and even the strength of the linking page. 

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