Will Smith gets a Fortnite Character as Mike Lowrey from Bad Boys

Fortnite is more than simply a video game; it not only hosts battle royale and cooperative games, but it also hosts film screenings and, most recently, a concert.

Epic Games have also added several movie characters. Ryan Reynolds, a free guy, has brought his hero to Fortnite. Will Smith has lately received a warm greeting from gamers in the shape of his Bady Boys hero.

Will Smith’s character from the Bady Boys series will pay his respects at Fortnite, according to Epic Games in a blog post. Mike Lowrey, who first appeared in Michael Bay’s debut film, Bad Boys – What Good Are Bad Guys? (1995), before returning for Bad Boys 2 in 2003, is back. – He’s back in the bad guys, most recently in the 2020 blockbuster Bady Boys – He’s been in bad guys for a long time, and he’s always shared the lead and brilliance.

Smith’s hero, the Mike Lowrey Outfit, is available for purchase in the Item Shop. Detective Duffle Back Bling and Loose Cannon Cutters are the characters and his external specializations, corresponding to the double-handed pick.

Fortnite has been pleasing fans on practically every platform since its release in 2017. By the way, Epic Games recently recognized Martin Luther King Jr. in the game, which caused a lot of people to grimace because the universe of black American activists and colorful-smelling TPS did not quite fit, so it’s a good thing he entered the multigame as a non-playable character. And there have been new rumors regarding when Fortnite would get its anticipated Unreal Engine 5 update.

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