Xbox consoles will get a beneficial feature that will aid night owls

This will make it better to play

We don’t usually play late at night, do we? Many people, undoubtedly, have more time to prepare their favorite dishes at this moment, or they linger over a party or a more extended meal and find themselves late at night or even early in the morning.

Light pollution can make it more complicated if you still want to sleep, as professionals advise against exposing the brain to actively working stimuli for 1 to 2 hours before night. Night Mode, a new feature for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, can help.

The video below, courtesy of The Verge journalist Tom Warren, shows Night Mode or night mode. The essence of this is the same function of other gadgets (smartphone, GPS): by reducing brightness and altering colors, we can design a scheme that spares the sight and brain. The console is controlled by Microsoft’s official announcement, which is available in the settings option, and the controller LEDs can thus indicate software and hardware fine-tuning.

One of the essential characteristics of the night mode is the filter’s ability to eliminate blue light pollution, but we may also disable HDR if we don’t want to subject our brains to it.

Of course, you can program your console to convert to Night Mode automatically at specific times of the day, so after you’ve dealt with this function, you won’t need it again unless you want to change the schema.

Participants in the Xbox Insider program can test the night mode for the time being, which is how Tom Warren was able to show it to us. We don’t know when it will be publicly available, but it will probably be this year.

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