Xbox consoles will soon be expanded with a useful feature that will benefit night owls

This will make it better to play

We rarely play into the night, do we? Surely many people either have more time to whip up their favourites at this point, or they linger over a party or a longer beak and find themselves already late at night or maybe dawn. If you still want to sleep, light pollution can make things difficult, as technicians do not recommend exposing the brain to stimuli that work the brain intensively for 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. A new feature can help with both Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, Night Mode.

You can watch Night Mode or night mode courtesy of The Verge journalist Tom Warren in the video below. The essence of this is the same as the similar function of other devices (mobile, GPS): we can create a scheme that spares the eye and the brain by reducing brightness and varying colours. The official announcement of Microsoft, available in the settings option, controls the console, and the controller LEDs can therefore represent software and hardware is fine-tuning.

One of the most important features of the night mode is eliminating blue light pollution with the filter, but we can also turn off HDR if we don’t even want to burden our brains with it. Of course, you can set your console to automatically switch to Night Mode at certain times of the day, so once you’ve dealt with this feature, you don’t need it anymore unless you want to change the schema.

For the time being, Xbox Insider participants can test the night mode, which is why Tom Warren was able to show it to us. We don’t know yet when it will become widely available, but certainly still this year.


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