Xiaomi Haylou LS02 SmartWatch Test

We had another Haylou smartwatch, this time the Haylou LS-02 smartwatch. The improved edition of the Haylou LS01, side by side, is hardly distinguishable. Better display, improved heart rate monitor, more advanced Bluetooth. The base price is slightly higher than its predecessor, HUF 12,000, but with the NNNLS02 code, it is now only 9000 HUF, as it is the LS01available in black and white so anyone who doesn’t care about colour is clearly better with the new version.

The front panel has a 1.4-inch TFT display with a resolution of 320×320 pixels, a significant improvement over the LS01, which had a 1.3-inch display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The test case image is much sharper, the colours are more beautiful, and even in bright sunlight, the data can be a better read. Unfortunately, the brightness can still only be adjusted manually, and there is no light sensor so that the user can choose from four levels. Of course, the TFT display isn’t exactly the most modern solution. For example, the Mi Band 5 also uses an OLED display, which gives you a much nicer way to return colours. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Haylou LS02 – What else do you know?

The manufacturer’s smartwatches use software other than Mi Bands, and they work with the Haylou Fit app. However, LS02 recommended installing the plain Haylou app, and the only way to take advantage of all the features of the gadgets is by using this app. Like other apps, it’s not the best rating, and it’s only 2.2 stars. The program’s structure has not changed much, it has been slightly revised and simplified, but I have not found any bugs or bugs in its use, so I consider this assessment to be unjustified. It collects the essentials well, and we can set pretty much everything through the app. Check the weather data from my phone’s location, and you’ll make it to class. It also handles mobile notifications well and knows many apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype are also in the supported apps, shows incoming calls, emails and text messages, and even has no problem with accents. The statistics can be looked back nicely and transparently, and the design has also been pretty well hit.

Fortunately, they didn’t try fake features like blood pressure measurements because people know that there’s no way to pack these features into a smart gadget in this price range. It measures the heart rate relatively accurately, and I compare it with my Heart Rate Monitor and my Galaxy Gear S3 watch: all three showed very close values. I wouldn’t say I like sleeping for hours, but the test forced me to. The alarm function is well-done, vibrating on my wrists with sufficient strength. I don’t think there’s anyone you can’t wake up. I think sleep monitoring is less accurate. According to the clock, I woke up several times a night, even though I slept through it all. But he did tell me exactly when I went to bed and when I got out of bed.

Xiaomi Haylou LS02 okosóra teszt 24
It measures the steps taken quite well, my phone and gear S3 have similar readings, so it’s a red dot for Chinese engineers because many cheap smartwatches are pretty inaccurate. It doesn’t have GPS, it uses your phone’s sensor when you’re running or cycling, and it doesn’t have internal storage, so if you want to listen to music during training and use satellite tracking, you’re forced to take your cell phone with you. Fortunately, it’s waterproof, so if it rains while running, the device will survive. However, you should not swim with it, and it is also worth avoiding thermal baths and saltwater if you have the watch on, as they can damage it.

The menu system is similar to previous models but much more fast-paced than the LS01. When you lift your wrist or press the side button, the screen wakes up. Scroll to the right to rotate the pages: sports parameters, heart rate measurement, sleep data, weather, relaxation (breathing exercise), and of course, and it works backwards. Up, you’ll find the hotkeys: find your phone, brightness, do not disturb mode, and settings are easily accessible from here. Down, you’ll see statistics, heart rate measurement, sports modes, weather, sleep monitoring, notifications, music control, other and main settings. The menu isn’t perfect. For example, you exit the music controller when the screen goes dark, so you have to search it back each time. Even so, it’s quite useful, and there’s a lot worse.

There can be no complaints about uptime at all, in fact. I could barely drain it. The manufacturer promises a normal 20-day standby time and 30 days standby, and I can confirm that. I’ve been wearing it for 12 days, and the battery is still at 45 per cent, even though I’m pushing and trying it almost constantly. And the charger is still a brilliant, simple magnetic device that easily jumps on the watch’s charging port. Mi Band 4s, for example, had to be mined from the silicone strap when charging, and at LS02, you don’t have to worry about them.


Haylou LS02 has not brought some innovations to the exterior but the inside, making it a better investment than LS01. The larger, sharper display responds better to touches, while the proven design remains the same but has been refined.

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