3 Bethesda games have been expanded with The Game Pass offer

The Quake franchise entered the Game Pass. 3 titles were also available in the service library. One is the revamped Quake, released yesterday, which can also be played on Xbox consoles and PCs as part of the Game Pass.

The other two titles are Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena, which PC gamers can enjoy in their original forms, meaning they haven’t been refurbished. On the other hand, a refreshing alternative to Quake 2 could be the free Quake II RTX, upgraded by Lightspeed Studios, which roughly improves the game released in 1997.

More than 30 Bethesda titles can now be played through the Game Pass, behind the ample offerings being the acquisition of ZeniMax by Microsoft last year. Even before the acquisition, a one-year exclusivity agreement was signed between Arkane Studios and PlayStation, which applies to the upcoming time-loop FPS, Deathloop.

Also, new news is the arrival of Skyrim’s anniversary celebratory edition, which includes the 2016 Skyrim Special Edition and more than 500 modes. The festive release will be released on November 11, 2021, the 10th anniversary of the fantasy RPG.

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