6 Top Games with the Best Graphics in Fall 2021

“Autumn is here. It’s here again,” says our renowned poet, which for many of us means that the peak season of the video game season begins with highly-anticipated, hardware-sweaty releases. But which games will be worth running on a power plant? We’ve listed the PC games that will be released later this year and with a visual that we’ll be happy to snap. Let’s see which ones we’re talking about.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is far from the most realistic graphic on this list, as its look makes it best to compare Pixar’s wholesome animated fillets, in which characters are remembered for their cartoonish exaggerated traits. However, the game still has commendably detailed graphics. The animation is quite meticulous.

The undergrowth in the forest where it is situated is strikingly diverse. It has an intense atmosphere as the sun filtering through the wall covers the environment. The game was initially developed for unity graphics engines, but eventually, it was switched to Unreal Engine 4, which seemed to be suitable for the visuals. The developer Ember Lab, which currently employs just 15 people, has previously attracted attention with animated videos, so, understandably, Kena acts like an interactive movie.

Battlefield 2042

This year, battlefield 2042 will be one of the most explosive graphics games, with not only its military technology becoming futuristic but probably also its machine requirements. There will be a game mode on PCs and next-gen consoles n which up to 128 players can fall for each other at a time, which, with all sorts of war vehicles and natural disasters, will require a lot from your machine.

In return, the view promises to be excellent: there will be a track where you can throw yourself off from horrific heights in a winged flying suit, while behind the neon-lit skyscrapers, there will be an all-consuming tornado. Battlefield 2042 will also take advantage of NVIDIA’s performance-enhancing DLSS technology so that you won’t be complained about in visuals.

Forza Horizon 5

Although next-generation consoles were released last year, not many games have been released yet that can be called nextgen based on their graphics, but Forza Horizon 5’s trailers make it look like it was made in a new era of course, on PC, we expect the same. Perhaps the most striking visuals are due to the photogrammetric process, in which real photographs taken in Mexico recreated the in-game version of the country.

The result is a shockingly detailed, exotic location where cities, deserts, beaches, rainforests, valleys, and mountains will alternate in the landscape that passes by, and you will even be able to drive off an active volcano. Forza Horizon 5 will only use ray tracing in the car-viewing Forzavista option and scatter sounds, but it’s still almost sure to be the most spectacular game of 2021.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

This year, the current Call of Duty, Vanguard, will not draw attention to its more detailed graphics. The developer Sledgehammer uses an upgraded version of the IW 8.0 engine that has already been proven in modern warfare 2019. However, it is expected that there will still be vivid scenes in the game, especially in the campaign, whose Stalingrad career has already been shown.

Here, the developers play with the light effects quite skillfully, and the red sky gives us the atmosphere in battle as if we were in hell itself and adds to the atmosphere that specific landmarks will be destructive to the orbit, which will explode on their atoms during spectacular effects if hit. If the whole campaign is going to look like we saw in the demo, then there’s not going to be a problem with the view, that’s for sure.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

In 2021, Dying Light 2 will be one of the games that will take full advantage of ray tracing technology. In the zombie world, there will be constantly alternating times of day, and ray tracing promises that ray tracing will visualize this change realistically.

The shadows will be lifelike. If, for example, the wind moves the trees, then the shadows of the trees will also be variations accordingly, and the puddles everywhere will believably reflect the landscape – and the bloody remains of scattered brain zombies. Techland will be realistic with the visuals of the game anyway, so even without the flashy lighting technology, we can expect a pretty good-looking game.

Bright Memory: Infinite

One of the surprises of last year was bright memory on Steam, which, despite being done mainly by a single Chinese developer, has graphics that would envy even the majority of the most budget games. An expanded version of this will be Infinite, which will also visualize, including ray-tracing effects.

There will be ray tracing lights, ray tracing shadows, ray tracing reflections, and if your machine can’t deal with all this, you’ll be able to turn on DLSS. We’re hoping to see Infinite release this year because we still don’t have a more accurate release date, but we can’t wait for you to sweat your pc.

We think these will be the most spectacular games of autumn on computers. Which do you like best? Write it in a comment.


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