A Change is coming to WhatsApp

Some beta testers may already be trying out what’s new in WhatsApp, allowing audio to be stopped and resumed later.

The WABetaInfo site, which is at the forefront of what’s new in WhatsApp, has previously indicated that a new feature is being created that allows voice messages to be paused and resumed, meaning there is no need to send another message. I

t was just a planned change back then, but now the site has reported that some beta testers may be trying it out. The feature comes with WhatsApp for iOS beta version, but beta testers in version have also reported seeing it.

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It should be noted that the feature is not yet available to all beta testers, but anyone who already sees sound waves while recording audio in the app will most likely have the Pause Recording feature.

However, if you can’t find one, it means that your beta account hasn’t been selected to test the quality yet, so you’ll need to wait for a future update. However, even WABetaInfo does not yet know how much time to resume paused audio recording.

WhatsApp is constantly refining and developing the app. For example, you are testing a feature that can help you determine who is not seeing that you have read your message.

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