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A clever trick comes into Chrome that speeds up your browser

Google has developed a new way to improve the performance of Chrome (and Chromium derivatives) and reduce memory and CPU usage.

RawDraw has named Google a new feature that can reduce the load on your system resources by changing how your page is displayed and rasterizing only the parts you need.

When the Chrome browser rasterizes the output, it selects the pixels to use to draw that page, Android Police explains. The browser starts by dividing the page into a grid of tiles of approximately 256×256 pixels and then assigns resources to each tile. While this process saves Chrome from recalculating an entire webpage after each frame, the user interacts with (, or when playing a multimedia item), this method isn’t perfect either.

This is because individual side tiles can be pretty resource-intensive on modern, high-resolution displays and can sometimes use up to 10 MB of RAM, and now we’re talking about just one tile. Thinking about all the tabs you open in Chrome makes it easy to understand the vast resource requirements. The development approach, however, is different from the previous ones as the question of snapping the device RawDraw called for the development of the prototype.

Using RawDraw, a process called Riz, which is responsible for rasterizing the screen by deploying the GPU, no longer allocates textures to individual tiles. This reduces memory and CPU usage so the GPU can quickly rasterize the required and only the needed tiles. This can reduce the amount displayed by up to 90 percent.

The RawDraw tool is now technically available under Chrome flags. However, since it is still in the early stages of development and can cause very unstable and fatal errors, its use is not recommended.


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