Windows 11 on an M1 Apple Machine?

Most competently, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 will not support computers running the Apple M1 processor. Of course, there is virtualization, but the result can be doubtful.

When Apple launched the MacBook M1, users were very interested in whether Apple supported installing Windows 10. The answer was that it depended on Microsoft. Microsoft then partnered with virtual machine provider Parallels to provide the “Windows 10 on ARM” experience.

By now, however, the situation has changed. Microsoft is no longer working with Parallels Desk, cooling the enthusiasm of those who thought that, like Windows 10, they would be able to run Windows 11 on an M1 machine. This, in turn, – said a Microsoft spokesman in The Register’s – scenarios are not supported for the new system (as it runs directly on hardware nor the operating system).

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So all these means is that while it’s still impossible to run Windows 11 on M1 machines with a virtualization solution, it’s essential to understand the importance of Microsoft’s warning. This can be inconvenient for virtual machine users if Microsoft does not provide technical support.

For example, the Windows 11 Developer Channel has recently received news about hardware compatibility issues on M1 Macs. Although Parallels has been able to update its software (to version 17.0.1) and the problem has been resolved, it is possible that a future scenario will not improve so quickly. It’s not out of the question that Microsoft will make changes to the operating system at any time in the future that make this virtualization completely impossible, so users who have paid for virtualization software will be left to fend for themselves.

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