Elon Musk: We have to leave Earth!

SpaceX’s first man, Elon Musk, says the Earth faces several threats that we can’t avert. The solution: we have to go somewhere else.

Humankind is already facing several dangers that we could only remedy at the cost of great sacrifices, Elon Musk said at a scientific meeting.

Speaking of difficulties, Musk cited examples of declining birth rates, human-induced climate change and its consequences, the threat of destruction by objects from the sky, such as comets, and the so-called “nuclear armageddon.” By the latter, the first man in SpaceX understood the risks associated with nuclear weapons. What was said was summarized by Futurism.

Musk, who often states that he is trying to establish himself as a prophet, also stressed that moving to a new planet is the only lasting solution. And that billionaire would assign that role to Mars because he thinks we’ll get there sooner or later.

Musk stressed that the key to humanity’s survival lies not in technology but in becoming so-called multi-planetary. That is, we are not only settling on one planet. We are trying to get our feet off elsewhere. The inventor noted that bases designed for long-term use could also be built on Mars.

SpaceX’s father acknowledged, however, that his plans were not harmless at all. He cited the first sea crossings as an example, suggesting that not all ships reached their destination.

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