Microsoft prompts you to forget your passwords

Windows maker Microsoft made it possible for business users to sign in to accounts created on their system in various methods earlier this year. This is now available to everyone.

Non-traditional login alternatives are available for many online services. Instead of typing a password, users log in to their accounts using some form of authentication, such as an application.

According to Engadget, Microsoft is a strong proponent of this system: the first such solutions were released at the start of the year, but only for business clients. However, in the following weeks, it has been decided to make this option available to everyone.

Regular users can now request that their Microsoft account be password-free and sign in to alternatives (owned by the corporation) such as Microsoft Authenticator, Windows Hello, or SMS / email due to the changes. Code has been sent. Microsoft reports the method.

It will also work for apps used regularly, such as Outlook or OneDrive.

To join Microsoft’s password-free world, users must first download the company’s Authenticator software (Android version here, iOS version here), which must then be linked to an existing and regularly used Microsoft account. After that, you can disable the password prompt in your account settings.

(The procedure can be reversed at any time.) Microsoft stressed that while valid passwords alone are considered exceptionally secure, alternative sign-in methods have a slightly more significant advantage and are more convenient.

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