5 Best Nostalgic Games You Need to Play Right Now

Are you looking for the best nostalgic games you may have played in the past? Well you have come to the right place. Nostalgic games bring about happy and personal associations from the past. Most of these games are already more than ten years old, and yet we don’t forget about them because they have personal significance.

Old Video Games from the 2000s Had Simple Graphics and Features, But They Were the Best Back Then. They Show How Far Video Games Have Come, and We Should Still Appreciate Them Just as Much as New Games.

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5 Best Nostalgic Games You Can play

1. Zuma (Video Game)

Zuma is a 2003 tile-matching puzzle video game developed by Oberon Media and published by PopCap Games. It was released for a number of platforms, including PDAs, mobile phones, and the iPod.

Zuma also offers the gauntlet mode, where a player can choose to play in a level they have already reached in adventure mode, and either practice to beat the level, or play in survival mode, where the difficulty in colors and speed of balls will gradually increase.

The level classifications of the gauntlet mode, in order, are Rabbit, Eagle, Jaguar, and Sun God. A player is required to fill seven stages in practice mode or seven yellow bars in survival mode before advancing to the next level. Upon reaching Sun God, in which the balls move in constant speed even when nearing the skull, a player can continue endlessly, since the level classification has no limit in both stages and bars.

2. The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is an older, very popular nostalgic game that was developed by Bill Heinemann, Don Rawitsch, and Paul Dillenberger back in 1971. It was then put out on the market in 1974 by MECC. The game is simple and was created to teach school children about the life of a 19th century pioneer on the Oregon Trail.

You get to play the role of a wagon leader and guide your group of chosen settlers from Independence, Missouri, to the Willamette Valley in Oregon while traveling along the Oregon Trail in 1848. The game has since been released multiple time on multiple platforms by various game makers and publishers who acquired the rights.

3. Duck Hunt (1984)

duck hunt

Duck Hunt, like Pacman, is one of those iconic arcade games that will never, ever get old. Everytime I hook this up to my old CRT TV and get the NES Zapper out, i get a huge smile on my face.

The game initially received a positive reception in the mid-1980s, but was later given mild praise in retrospective reviews. The game was inspired by Nintendo’s previous Duck Hunt electro-mechanical arcade game which was based on the Laser Clay Shooting System released in 1976. Upon release as a video game, Duck Hunt became a major commercial success both for arcades and consoles in the 1980s, helping to popularize light gun video games with over 28 million copies sold worldwide.

4. Toontown

Toontown Online, commonly known as Toontown, was a 2003 massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on a cartoon animal world, developed by Disney’s Virtual Reality Studio and Schell Games, and published by The Walt Disney Company.

Players could initially only chat using “SpeedChat”, a list of pre-approved phrases set by Disney that the player could select. It included general English phrases, in-game strategy phrases, and, occasionally, seasonal phrases. Players could purchase more SpeedChat phrases using, most of the time, 100 jellybeans.

5. Neopets

Neopets is a virtual pet website. Users can own virtual pets (“Neopets”) and buy virtual items for them using one of two virtual currencies. One currency, called Neopoints, can be earned within the site, and the other, Neocash, can either be purchased with real-world money, or won by chance in-game.

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