Boost Your Instagram Posts with Better Quality Photos and Videos: The Hidden Trick!

Deep in Instagram’s settings, there’s an option to upload better quality content to the social media site – for some reason it’s turned off by default, and it’s not easy to find. We’ll show you where to look.

Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are competing with each other to see who can build a better camera into their devices – as a result, even low-end smartphones take very good quality pictures, and high-end mobile phones almost compete with professional cameras.

Social networking sites, however, do not follow the improving image quality even with the greatest goodwill, in fact: in Facebook Messenger, the quality of the sent qualities is really only sufficient to let others know something. The low resolution does not provide too much aesthetic experience when sharing pictures of, say, a trip.

In contrast, Meta’s other platform, Instagram, started specifically as an image sharing platform, and from this one could immediately come to the conclusion that at least that is where they strive for good image quality. But not. At least not by default.

Yes. For some reason, in 2023, when even the smallest mobile data packages offer quite a lot of GB, Instagram still forces a data-saving option on users by default, promising a lower resolution. In addition, notes The Verge , the platform does not clarify how much the quality of images and videos deteriorates if the switch is not active.

Finally, the hidden setting:

  1. Go to the Instagram App
  2. In the app, navigate to the Settings
  3. In Settings, tap on “Media Quality
  4. Turn on “Upload at Highest Quality”

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