Is your machine weak? A new Windows is coming thats going to boost its performance

With Windows 11 SE, owners of weaker, older computers can do well

Although Windows 11 was only released a few days ago, it is rumored that Microsoft is already making the final touches on a new version.

A “dumb” version of Windows 11 could be the latest operating system that Microsoft is already working on, and Windows Central written based on leaked news on the subject. The dashed flag, in this case, means that the software is designed specifically for weak configurations to run at a lower load and thus run faster.

In Microsoft’s plans, it’s not hard to see what other purpose the interface, called Windows 11 SE, serves: the company could try to set a new challenge for low-cost Chromebooks running Google’s operating system. The effort, however, is considerably dampened by the fact that the Redmonds are not the first to cut into a similar project and would not be the first to break their knife – remember the ugly ending of Windows 10X.

If the 11 SE manages to avoid this, industry sources say it could announce it before the end of the year, along with a new Surface machine built for it. (The latter is referred to in the news as Surface Laptop SE.) The 11.6-inch device with a 1366 x 768-pixel display and an Intel N4120 Celeron processor has 8 GB of RAM. The price is said to be very affordable.

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