Dying Light 2: Military equipment and combat classes

Finally, after months of waiting, Dying Light 2 became available to fans, and thanks to its vast world, it offered a fun and engaging experience with a world full of infected zombies.

Today’s guide to Dying Light 2 is about military equipment, including air cargo and its various classes; So we suggest you stay with us in this section.

A Guide to Dying Light 2 Classes and Military Equipment

Dying Light 2 has dozens of building resources that gamers use to upgrade weapons improve the quality of Nightrunner equipment and tools. Military equipment or Military Tech is one of the rarest resources in this game. The gamer receives a Military Tech early in the game, but it cannot be used at first for reasons related to the game’s story.

If you want to get the most out of your Nightlife tool, know that Military Tech is an essential resource and only available at Military Airdrop locations or military air cargo sites. It can be found. Once you have enough of the two items, Military Tech and Old War Money, start upgrading things like Paraglider, Grapple Hook, and UV flashlight. Now with Parsi Game with the guide of this part of Diving Light 2 game.

As mentioned earlier, Military Tech can be found in Military Airdrops areas scattered throughout the game map. To do this, first, identify an airdrop point and wait. This is where your trusted binoculars come in handy, But it is usually easy to recognize them with the naked eye. Just do not forget that your gaze should be on the parachute that hangs from the corner of a tall building when it arrives at AirDrop. This is easy because getting to the top of the building is never easy, and sometimes you may need to get a little creative.

Not all airdrops are available from the beginning of the game, so you need to ensure you have the skills and tools to acquire them. For example, some air cargoes require a considerable amount of endurance that you may not have had early on or others that may not be available without a parachute or paraglider. So, monitor the airspace with your binoculars or find their location on the map to first check the requirements for reaching the top of each building and then take action.

Once you find an airdrop, searching around the building and finding a way up should be your primary goal. We also recommend doing these missions at night, as you get more XP rewards with multiple jumps and climbs. In addition, since these airdrops can only be found in hard-to-reach places, no zombies or disease creatures will bother you.

Upon reaching the top of the building, freely enter the military boxLoot and take its valuables. Remember that Military Tech is always in a special compartment on the right side of the box, and you will need your GRE key to access it. Finally, an important point that some gamers ignore, loot, or remove is the contents of the Military Tech enclosure. After opening the compartment door, remove the items, as the game will automatically do this for you.

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All About Gear in Dying Light 2

Gear or equipment in the Dying Light 2 game gives you special privileges and ideal armor to survive in the land of Villedor. Covering different parts of the body with items, gloves, sweaters, and shoes not only makes your appearance more beautiful but also provides you with more rewards and protection. They also rely on a very soft and straightforward system in Dying Light 2 that lets you play your favorite style of play. Here’s how to use the Gear and how it works.

In Dying Light 2, you can equip Aiden’s character with six different types of equipment to receive small rewards for stats or special abilities and extra armor to reduce damage. Of course, do not always expect the Gear Armor to be present in every Gear piece, but it will be helpful to have parts that increase your overall Gear Armor and thus your kidney resistance to damage; Especially if you focus all your inhibitors on the stamina. Inhibitors are used in Dying Light 2 to increase health bar and endurance.

Gear can be found almost everywhere in Wildor, whether you loot dead bandits or find them in boxes and crates. Loot various items to find the wearables you need in the shortest time possible, and reinforce Aiden visually and safely. You can also buy some of the best things from the vendors in the main buildings, so visit them regularly to get the items you need faster.

Equipment scarcity in Dying Light 2

Just like Dying Light 2 weapons and materials, the equipment uses the classic color scheme to be rare. The higher the degree of scarcity, the greater the potential rewards than the lower degrees. The Artifact Gear, for example, includes the most elevated and generally best extra bonuses.

Note that the Gear Armor is determined more by the level of the gamer than by the level of scarcity of each, so as you progress, you may find the Gear with an unusual rarity with the Gear Armor item better than your current armor equipment or vice versa. The following are the gear levels:

  • Standard / White: Normal Gear brings up two extra bonuses for Eden features and sometimes having a Gear Armor item.
  • Uncommon / Green: Unusual Gear brings up to three extra bonuses for Aiden features and sometimes having a Gear Armor item.
  • Rare / Blue: Rare Gear brings up to four extra bonuses for Eden features and sometimes having a Gear Armor item.
  • Unique / Purple: Unique Gear brings up to five extra bonuses for Aiden features and sometimes having a Gear Armor item.
  • Artifact / Gold: Legendary Gear brings up to six extra bonuses for Eden features and sometimes having a Gear Armor item.

Equipment classes in Dying Light 2

A straightforward classification system in Dying Light 2 allows gamers to tilt certain game styles. Each Gear item belongs to one of the four available classes, and each class determines the additional Stat Rewards for use on each Gear piece.

While statistical rewards, or stats, are usually low-impact enhancers, having all six Gear pieces in a class necessitates the collection of additional bonuses, or bonuses, to make equipment more powerful. The following are four classes of Dying Light 2 and the style of play each:

  • Tank class: This class is used to inflict heavy blows and master powerful two-handed weapons. Expect better resistance to impacts and extra rewards from inflicting damage using a Tank Gear class weapon.
  • Brawler class: This class is helpful for general battles with single-handed weapons. The Brawler class includes additional rewards for inflicting more damage with a single-barreled gun, reducing damage received, slowing down the endurance bar when using Melee combat weapons, and more.
  • Medic class: This class is for parkour-based combat and injury healing. With this class, expect to receive rewards for slowing down the endurance bar when making parkour moves, inflicting more damage with parkour-based battles, and filling the health bar faster.
  • Ranger Class: The Ranger class focuses on covert and remote attacks. The rewards of the Ranger class include inflicting more damage with long-range weapons at a certain distance, slowing down the endurance bar when using these types of weapons, and later identifying Aiden as the enemy.

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