Fortnite: Leaks suggest this is when the battle royale can switch to Unreal Engine 5

We'll have to wait, but not long

Most recently, gears of war developers showed off with a breathtaking demo of what Unreal Engine 5 can do, but the upcoming Jesus simulator will also run under Epic’s new engine. Last year, at the engine’s unveiling, Epic said that the Port of Fortnite UE5 is expected by mid-2021, but it can be stated that this is no longer current.

A well-known Fortnite leaker and data miner has reported on Twitter when the engine change could occur. Hypex says that at the start of Chapter 2, season 9, UE5 could be in the mix for the first time in mid-season 7. The current alien season, which included a complete Ariana Grande concert series, kicked off on June 8 – meaning that if it lasts three months, it’s still coming to an end. Based on this, season 9 can start at the end of this year or only in early 2022, so in principle, a good 4-6 months will have to wait until porting UE5.

Hypex added that many mod files were changed yesterday, and it looks like modalities will be available to everyone at the start of Chapter 3, but those with Creator Code will have the option first. Hypex doesn’t know that UE5’s debut and modularization will pop into the game simultaneously, but it doesn’t think it’s likely to. At the same time, the appearance of an alpha variant is not a devil’s idea, although the data miner did not explain when the alpha could be nailed. Interestingly, Hypex said the UE5 port was initially scheduled to come at the start of Season 8, but Epic postponed that. If the leaker’s claims are valid, it’s the second time the company has pushed the Fortnite UE5 to port it to the engine.

By the way, the game Battle Royale made the news today by copying the gameplay of Among Us without batting an eye, but the team that developed the indie game was not informed. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was enriched with a similar game mode, although Treyarch was a notch more creative when choosing a name: their game mode is called Double Agent.

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