Death rises! – Everything we learned about Dead Space

Although it had been previously aired that a 2008 Dead Space remake was being made, we weren’t entirely sure they could announce this at this year’s EA Play show. Indeed, Electronic Arts were completely frivolous about the franchise in the 2010s. After the promising beginnings, it was found that it was not worth dealing with horror series from a business standpoint. However, the publisher has changed tactics in recent years: he has realized that now and then, they can afford some single-story, story-oriented video games that aren’t stuffed with microtransactions (see Jedi: Fallen Order ) and can barely reach out with the first Dead Space especially since IP fans have long been hungry for another amputation adventure.

Regarding the old-new Dead Space, the wind is still a lot of mystery. Still, the US IGN staff, even before the announcement, talked to remake Motive Maker Studios with two of his colleagues, Philippe Ducharme and producer Roman Campos Oriola-creative director. So there turned out some interesting things about the game.

In recent years, there have been increasingly demanding reworkings in the gaming industry (see PS5’s Demon’s Souls or the second and third parts of Resident Evil ), and EA very much seems to be following suit. It’s no coincidence that Dead Space only comes for PC, Xbox Series X / S, and PlayStation 5: it’s not going to be an improved version of the original game, but a brand new program that includes the Frostbite graphics engine and the nextgen also takes advantage of consoles (SSD, 3D audio). Although the preview shown on EA Play was not cut out of the gameplay, the developers say it was made with the game’s graphics engine to bring such a visual world.

The developers are working on the original game and concept images and design documents, so they see in enough detail how the first Dead Space was built. The creators don’t port anything to the game, and they redo everything: the graphics, sounds, gameplay, and tracks, even the animations are re-recorded. They try to leave but at the same time amplify the authentic atmosphere. I want to reveal the same dirty and rough industrial environment, only even more strongly, thanks to dynamic lights and other more modern technical solutions. This philosophy also applies to sounds, fans will be familiar with the noises beaten by doors, monsters, and the strip of our standard of living, but at the same time, they will be improved, and because of the 3D sound, we will hear strictly, where do they come from. And this is especially effective in such a scary horror.

One of the greatest virtues of the original Dead Space was immersion: almost nothing interrupts the experience, even its user interface is diegetic, which means that its elements are part of the game world (inventory, for example, is a projected holographic image that does not stop the time). Motive considers this very important, so they’ll even reinforce it in the remake. Thanks to the SSD, there will be no charging screen in the game at all, and the camera will rarely cut (it didn’t do much in the original), so the whole game will be pushed through without interrupting the moment. Developers want players to be so captivated by the experience that they don’t want to stand up until they get to the end. This is not impossible anyway, because Dead Space is not so insanely long,

And as for the story, the makers say the original Dead Space is a “canon” for them, so that’s what they will be based on. So we’re getting the same story, but they’re going to change a thing or two. They have not given a more detailed example, but they would like to refer to the later parts of the remake. But by this, we mean Dead Space 2 and 3 and animated films and other stories, for example.

They were also not talkative about the gameplay, although they mentioned that they would be developing in the zero-gravity stages, for example, drawing ideas from the second part. The famous monster amputation mechanics will also be tossed up somehow, and it will not only get bloodier but will also improve in other ways. In any case, they noted that the game community also helps them improve: they set up a board to discuss every 2-3 weeks what they have to say about their ideas.

A motive has admitted that Dead Space remakes are still in the early stages of development, meaning it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for them to come out. In any case, they have already promised that microtransactions will “never” be in the game. It tells a lot about the current situation in the gaming industry that this had to be clarified separately for a game like this, but it’s still just good news.

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