Nvidia officially announces the RTX 3080 12GB, with extra 2GB of VRAM, 384-bit bus, and higher power consumption

Just as it had leaked a few days ago, Nvidia officially announced its new GeForce RTX 3080 12GB, with several minor improvements compared to the original RTX 3080, highlighting its increase in VRAM and its memory bus, which leads to an increase in the bandwidth.

As listed on the Nvidia page, the RTX 3080 12GB increases the Cuda Cores from 8704 to 8960, the VRAM from 10GB to 12GB, the 320-bit bus to 384-bit, the bandwidth from 760GB / s to 912GB / s, and the TGP from 320W to 350W. Its base frequency drops from 1.44GHz to 1.26GHz, although it shares the same 1.71GHz boost. All models will feature LHR putting a handicap on miners, although they still don’t expect to see it at affordable prices.

Unfortunately, Nvidia did not reveal a suggested price for this graphics card, although apparently on the US EVGA page, they will start from the $1250, compared to the $1400 from which the RTX 3080 Ti starts, and the U $ 800 from the start of the RTX 3080. These suggested prices do not exist in the market, so in reality, they possibly cost $ 1600 or even more, quite a high price for the few differences they have compared to the RTX 3080.

It will be interesting to see what performance the extra bandwidth gives the RTX 3080 12GB, although this will have to wait a few days since Nvidia only published the first drivers today. The press did not have early access to them to test the card in advance. . Surely, in a few days, the first reviews will come out, and there we will be able to know if the launch of this green is justified or not.

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