Epic Games Store and other online store apps will soon be available for download in the Windows Store

It will be another external application store on Windows

A few days and Windows 11 will be released to a broader audience (Windows Insider members have enjoyed the benefits of the new operating system since July). Epic Games Store.

It has been known that the Amazon app store will also be added to the MS Store after the OS update, but the release of EGS is fresh news. The decision is that Windows wants to create an open store on an open platform.

Windows 11 will be available for download on October 5, but the Amazon app store and EGS will be stuffed into the Microsoft Store in a few months. With the help of Amazon, you can now download Android apps through the MS Store.

Windows 11 brings a variety of innovations and convenience features, which you can read more about here. From a gaming point of view, the most important technological achievement is that with the help of Windows 11, we can already run games on a less powerful machine if they are available through the Game Pass.

If you still don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11, you don’t have to worry. On the one hand, your machines will not automatically upgrade to the new OS. Microsoft will scan each active Windows 10 hardware, and creditworthy devices will receive a free license to upgrade.

It was recently revealed that new assets would be given priority in this order. Still, all purchases will be updated by next summer at the latest, provided the owner so wishes.


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