Xbox controllers soon to get more features

One of the big numbers in the current console generation is the DualSense controller, which simulates the resistance of weapons or ground conditions with its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. 

The Xbox Series X / S game controller doesn’t have such extras ( but they can still be! ), But it does have many other good things, such as easy switching between devices. Well, this feature is extended to a couple of other Xbox gamepads.

We reported on it as early as September that Xbox Insiders have received a firmware update that will also give Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth, the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers the “double-tap” feature.

We can see this now in action, courtesy of Xbox specialist James Shields, who revealed in a video that yes, it works with an Xbox One game controller as well. You can simply quickly double-tap the “pairing” button on the back of the gamepad to return to the previous device and from there to the newly connected machine in a similar way.

This way, you can easily switch between your PC and Xbox, but you can even switch from mobile to PC or console. The procedure was a little more playful in the past, so now, this double-tap will come in handy.

The feature is officially called Bluetooth Low Energy, by the way, and it also works with Windows 10 PCs and Apple devices over iOS 15 in addition to Android phones and Xbox.

Another significant achievement of the firmware update will be Dynamic Latency Input, i.e., DLI, which will significantly shorten these controllers’ signal response delay time, i.e., the other mentioned game controllers will be more responsive, like the Xbox Series X / S.

Microsoft has not announced when this update is available to the general public, but we will probably receive it during the fall.

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