Instagram bringing a feature to let you choose what to see on your feed

Instagram seems to be testing a switch that we can use to set who we want to see posts from.

Although we are primarily interested in the posts of close friends, acquaintances, and family members on social media sites, the more users we follow, the more essential posts are lost in the feed. It’s no different on Instagram, but a feature that may help fix this problem may be coming soon.

Based on a recent Twitter post, Instagram seems to give users the ability to determine what content they prefer to see in their feed. This could be set with predefined filters, including three options based on the screenshots: Home, Following, and Favorites.

Home is likely to put the standard algorithm-defined (and currently used) feed in front of users, while Favorites would certainly collect posts from the users we designate. Based on these, it is unknown what the Following may mean, but the following users may be included.

It is not yet known when you will implement this feature on Instagram. However, what is certain is that many would be happy for him to see the posts differently than the algorithm serves them.

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