A free Netflix package has arrived for Android, but only available in one country

It’s not at all foreign to Netflix to offer cheaper subscription options, thus pulling into its ecosystem those who don’t know it enough yet. Nor are they reluctant to provide free access, this time to Android users, although so far in only one country.

Kenyan Android users have been given this free option, but they shouldn’t be overly envious because the recently introduced option is not a full-fledged experience. With a free membership, you only have access to roughly a quarter of the content available, you can’t download it for offline viewing, and you can’t shoot the image on your TV during playback.

On the positive side, however, Kenyans don’t need quasi-anything to take advantage of the opportunity, obviously other than a device running Android. True, they must be at least 18 years old, but users are not required to provide any payment information when registering. In addition, they receive personalized recommendations, in the same way, the use of multiple profiles is supported, playback is ad-free (!) And parental control can be set up.

Netflix has revealed to Variety that their current goal is to discover how much free membership can persuade users to subscribe to their service. It is very likely that if this model proves successful, it will be introduced in other countries at some point in the future. Do you think they will succeed?

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