A promising PlayStation 2 emulator is coming to Android

Using an emulator, it doesn’t make much effort to run older console games on a smartphone. NES, SNES, or PS1 titles rarely give the lesson to even a mid-range mobile or tablet, but works developed for the PSP is excellent. However, a genuinely usable PS2 emulator is not available on Android, which means it isn’t there yet, because AetherSX2 will be released soon, allowing the legendary console games to work.

If someone wants to run PlayStation 2 games on a desktop computer, they will most likely use an emulator called PCSX2 because although there are other similar applications, it has the most support. There are some features on Android, such as DamonPS2. Still, it’s not free at all, and the developer allegedly copied more code from PCSX2 in violation of the LGPL license; RetroArch also has an option to run PS2 games, but it is still in its infancy.

AetherSX2, also mentioned in the introduction, is still in closed alpha at the moment, with only one developer working on it who was willing to answer questions about AndroidAuthority about the emulator. Tahlreth says that while the software will run best on the most powerful processors, other chips will perform well. The application is based on existing LGPL emulation work to be free and open source. Even before the end of the year, we can expect the open beta to start, and it’s the deck that the final name will change by then.

Although a single person develops the program, the basics of the application come from an emulator developed for an existing desktop computer, so AetherSX2 already looks excellent in its current closed alpha version. However, like most emulators, Qualcomm’sips will run best on higher-end chips, but it will also run on Samsung and MediaTek processors. Video courtesy of Taki Udon, a YouTuber, proves that AetherSX2 runs fairly on mid-range mobiles. So it is planned that an open beta version of the emulator will be ready before the end of 2021, which anyone will be able to try; based on what we think so far, it will be worth the wait.

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