If you use an iPhone and love Star Wars, we have some great news

A new title will soon be added to Apple’s subscription gaming service Arcade. Those who like the legos and the Star Wars universe are the most delighted because they are the central novelty theme.

Apple’s exceptional game service has been available for a long time, allowing you access to many great programs on apple devices in exchange for a subscription. At the same time, this repertoire is constantly updated by the American manufacturer and does not wish to put it off in the future.

Engadget pointed out that the Arcade will also feature a Star Wars-themed game with lego tickets. In the program, it is necessary to build. Still, only in its way – in the other part of the recreation, more tactical elements prevail, especially the use of skills at a good time the management of resources.

© TT Games Brighton/Warner Bros. Games/Lucasfilm Games

The new lego star wars battles add a lot to the Star Wars world, as the player has to control robots to win over the other side (like the dark one). The game also features well-known planets from the movies, such as Naboo, Hoth, and Endor.

Lego Star Wars Battles were officially produced by TT Games Brighton but are released by Warner Bros. Games. It is unknown when it will be available on Arcade, but it is sure to arrive.

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