A smartphone with a round display is under construction, here is the Cyrcle 2.0

Nowadays, when it comes to form-breaking phones, most are likely to think of bendable devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Still, some manufacturers are already questioning the square design and trying out circular phones. After Runcible and the original Cyrcle Phone, Cyrcle 2.0 was unveiled to the general public, which is a rather exciting attempt, a question of whether there will be enough applicants to make it happen.

Despite its name, the Cyrcle 2.0 is not circular, and only its display is that the device itself is oval, with dimensions of precisely 130 x 103 x 22 mm. This makes it wider and thicker than most smartphones today but lowers in return. We have no idea how comfortable it is to use, but the display is relatively small at just 3.45 inches and has a resolution of 800 × 800 pixels. This immediately raises the next question, to what extent will the apps be usable on the circle display?

The phone runs Android 10 anyway. Although the base interface has been adapted to the display, most applications have been given a rectangular interface, so the collection may not be optimal (the corners will be cut off, or the entire show will not be used).

But there are some exciting positives, too, with the Cyrcle 2.0 getting two 3.5mm jacks, for example, which is two more than most phones today. There are also two USB ports, a micro USB and a Type-C, and a dual SIM slot and 4G support.

In terms of hardware, let’s not expect too much, the exact type of processor is unknown, but 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage are pretty small these days. Of course, the mobile is not designed for hardcore users, but for those who would use it mainly for essential functions but want something special.

However, what will discourage most visitors from buying is the price of Cyrcle 2.0. During the introductory campaign, they will be asked for 699 dollars. The project will only be implemented if it has enough support. If you want to participate in it, you can find the details at this link.

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