Apple will allow its users to fix their own phones

The U.S. company has long been attacked for not letting users fix their device problems themselves. One of the critics was the company’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

An online interface created will allow Apple to repair iPhones at home. The novelty is being launched as part of a dedicated program, Self Service Repair, the first in the United States. And over time, in the rest of the world.

The lack of in-house (i.e., non-in-store) repairs to iPhones is an old problem that has led the company’s co-founder Steve Wozniak to attack Apple as well. He believed the company would have to give in to his waist because he could lose a lot of users if he didn’t. It is not known whether this ultimately led to Apple changing its mind, but it is a fact: they have launched the much-anticipated patch.

This means that some problems (such as replacing the camera, battery, or screen) can be performed at home without the need for service.

This saves the user money and time as long as they can do such work. (The company also emphasizes the latter.)

Apple will also operate the online interface for the program as a store, which means users can get the new part from here. There is no news about the prices yet, but it has been shared that the company may even include problematic items (such as a broken display).

The company wants to expand the ability to repair devices at home to Macs with M1 chips in the future.

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