A special Xbox controller with a dynamically changing color has been announced

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Update: In the meantime, the controller also appeared on the Hungarian language page of Microsoft, together with the resellers. The list price of Aqua Shift is 66 USD, so that it will be available with us from August 31. 

Original news:

An eye-catching Xbox controller will debut in late August. The particular edition controller was named Aqua Shift, not by chance, because of the color of the controller’s handle, which boasts shades of blue, changes for different movements and decisions. And the color changes have the effect of rippling the water in a beautiful blue pool on a scorchingly warm August day.

The grip and the top buttons have a textured coating, and the ergonomics of the keys are the same as the buttons on the Series X controller. Aqua Shift can be paired with Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Windows 10 PC, Android, and iOS devices. True to Microsoft’s custom, this is also a wireless controller. With alkaline batteries, the battery life can be up to 40 hours.

Aqua Shift will cost $ 70 and be released on August 31, but Microsoft is already picking up pre-orders. 

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