Many people have no idea they are getting a new Windows for free

We’re only days away from the release of Windows 11, but according to a survey by, more users aren’t aware that they can get a new version of Windows as a free upgrade. The study also highlights other curiosities.

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 11, which has several great features, will be officially available from October 5 . Due to the upcoming date, has asked more than a thousand U.S. Windows users how interested they are in the new software. The representative survey was conducted on September 17 online. What is more eloquent, however, is what results have come out.

As the portal highlighted, barely 40 percent of users knew that a new version of Windows would be released and that it would be available soon. In this regard, the older, those over 55, were more informed, while only 28 percent of the younger generation (18 to 24) said they knew about the arrival of the 11th edition.

Forty-five percent of users surveyed said they had not yet decided whether to install the new system. And two out of three users could not tell if their computer met the hardware requirements of Microsoft at all. Research has also found that the younger ones are the ones who would instead try the new system. The older ones are more cautious and wait for the time being.

According to the survey, 52 percent of users would switch because Windows 11 looks better than Windows 10. And 14 percent of those surveyed because Android apps will also be available on PCs with this software version.

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