Put this on your PC and it’ll show you what you need to change to get the new Windows 11

Windows 11, announced recently, will have to wait and see, and not all PMs can run it. The following program also shows those affected what factors prevent them from using the new operating system.

Although Microsoft referred to Windows 10 as the “last” Windows in 2015, it seems to have changed its mind, and unlike its statement at the time, it did become Windows 11, which was announced recently. New interface, new features added to Windows, it’s understandable if users are very interested in the new system. However, it does not eat porridge so hot in many ways.

On the one hand, automatic upgrade to Windows 11 will have to wait a while longer (such an upgrade of existing Windows 10 PMs will not begin until 2022); on the other hand, system requirements will increase significantly, there are severe hardware and software conditions for the upgrade – you can find details about the configuration here.

GitHub now has a constantly updated open-source application (WhyNotWin11) that shows whether or not a computer can run Windows 11 and details which parts of your PC are compatible with the minimum requirements of Windows 11 and which are not.

The app itself is an exe file, and if you click it after downloading it, it will immediately report the result: in the form of a table made clear in colors. Red marked get in the way of Windows 11, while yellow shows that it’s not clear whether that factor prevents you from installing Windows 11. Of course, if everything is green, you’re fortunate: nothing will stand in the way of enjoying the benefits of the new operating system.

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