Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 11

Microsoft has added new keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11 to support the new features and changes implemented in the operating system. Added to those that already worked in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 (maintained for the most part), they form an exciting set to facilitate the management of the system and its main functions, increasing productivity.

The keyboard and the mouse are the two main input peripherals of a PC, and we use them massively on computer desks even though we have other forms of interaction such as touch screens or voice control. They are definitely still the most intuitive methods.

Of course, in addition to data entry, the keyboard of a personal computer can be used to control the system and applications. This is where these ‘shortcuts’ come in. As you know, they are combinations of two or more keys that, as a general rule, replicate the tasks that we would do with a mouse or other pointing peripheral such as the touchpad of a laptop. However, they are handy, saving time and effort when carrying out certain actions. The truth is that once you get used to it.

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11

Win + W Open the Widgets section
Win + A Access the quick settings (Before it opened the Action Center)
Win + N Access the notification panel
Win + Z Open layout/window templates (Snap)
Win + Tecla Arriba (Up) Fit the active window to the top half of the screen
Win + Down key (Down) Fit active window to the bottom half
Win + Left/Right Key Fits the active window to the left/right half.
Win + C Open the Microsoft Teams chat software

Desktop shortcuts

“Windows” key Open and close the start menu
Win + D Hide or show all applications and windows on your desktop
Win + I Open the General Settings tool
Win + K Open the networking tool
Win + L Lock the device by activating the unlock screen
Win + M Minimize all open desktop windows
Win + O Lock screen orientation
Win + P Opens the projector for connections to external displays and projectors
Win + R Start the run tool
Win + X Open the advanced menu, alternative to the start menu
Win + Print Screen Take a screenshot (Saves in Images)
win + space bar Switch between input languages ​​and keyboard layouts
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General shortcuts in applications

Control + A Select all items
Control + C Copy the selected item
Control + X Cut the selected item
Control + V Paste the copied item
Control + Z undo the changes
Ctrl + Y Redo the changes
Control + OR Open a file in the current app
Control + S Save the file or folder
Ctrl + Mayús + S Open the task save as
Alt + Tab Switch between running apps
Alt + F4 Close the active window
Alt + F8 Show password on the login screen
F5 Update the active window
F10 Open the menu bar of the active application
Ctrl + P Print current screen

For file explorer

Win + E Open File Explorer
(Within the browser) Ctrl + N Open a new window
Ctrl+E Access the search bar
Control + W Close the active sale
Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Change the view of files and folders.
F4 Switch to address/location bar
F5 Refresh the browser
F6 Switch between left/right panes
Alt + D Select the address bar
Alt + P Show/Hide preview pane
Alt + Enter Opens the Properties menu of the selected item

Other keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11

For the game bar:
Win + G Open the Xbox game bar
Win + Alt + G Record the last 30 seconds of the active game
Win + Alt + R Take a screenshot in-game
Win + Alt + T Show/hide record timer overlay
For the taskbar:
Windows + Tab Open the task view
Windows + 1, 2, 3… Activate the first, second, third application…
Windows + T Highlight the first app on the taskbar
Windows + B Highlight the first app in the system tray
For virtual desktops:
Windows + Ctrl + D Create a new virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + Left Arrow Switch to the previous virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + Right Arrow Switch to the next virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + F4 Close the current virtual desktop.
For accessibility:
Windows + U Launch the Ease of Access Center
Windows + Enter Start the narrator
Windows + + Launch the magnifying glass and zoom
Windows + – Move the magnifying glass away if the app is open
Windows + Escape close the magnifying glass

These keyboard shortcuts are handy. Once you learn them and start using them, you will not stop doing it. They can be activated with peripherals like a mouse, but it’s a good way to save time and effort. Those shown above are just a selection of the hundreds available. While most are ported from version to version, here’s Microsoft’s list for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, or Windows 7.

And not only operating systems have them. There is another big collection for almost every Windows app, as you can see in this guide. And not just Microsoft. There are keyboard shortcuts for any software like these for the Google Chrome browser.

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