Ads are ruining Windows 11

Windows with advertisements, just imagine

Microsoft Teams’ built-in advert for the latest versions of the operating system is causing severe freezes.

The topic of ads popping up in Windows first made waves around Windows 10 when Microsoft tried to persuade Windows 7 and 8.1 users to switch.

Now it’s windows 11, and the latest developers and beta versions of the operating system coming on October 5th have caused a lot of trouble with an added ad.

A pop-up ad promoting integration between Microsoft Teams and Windows 11 makes Explorer stop working, including crashes tray, Start menu, and PC settings. Redmond initially said that the issue could be fixed by deleting the latest update, but several people indicated that this was not true.

Based on Reddit forums, the background to the error affecting hundreds of Windows Insiders was finally revealed by Daniel Aleksandersen on the Ctrl blog, and Microsoft later published a 6-step solution.

The process is not particularly complicated, but it requires a registry change. However, according to user reports, temporarily disabling time and date synchronization in Control Panel can also work temporarily.

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