Microsoft is missing out on the most exciting feature in Windows 11 for now

Microsoft says it will have to wait months to use Android apps in Windows 11.

After a long wait on Tuesday, Microsoft finally announced when Windows 11 would become available. We have already heard a lot about the new operating system coming on October 5th in recent months. One of the biggest exciting things is that Windows 11 will run Android applications.

However, it seems that we will have to wait a while for this curiosity. Microsoft said that this option would be missing from Windows 11 at the launch on October 5th. In the months that follow, only those participating in insider will have the opportunity to try the solution.

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This is probably not a coincidence, as many people have expressed concern about the possibility. While the solution could be helpful, Microsoft has teamed up with Amazon, not Google, to address the issue. As a result, it is not possible to access the apps and services of the Google Play store.

For this reason, it is feared that many people would prefer to take a detour to their favorite app, which in turn threatens the already well-known danger: we can download a virus to your computer.

Whether Microsoft still wants to eliminate this, or if there are other problems around running apps, is unknown. In any case, anyone waiting for this feature should be patient for a while.

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