It upsets Microsoft that too many people use Chrome on Windows

Sometimes more funny pop-ups come up, but more severe pop-ups when someone tries to access Chrome from the Edge browser.

In terms of the browser market, Google Chrome’s undisputed superiority (currently 64 percent, according to Statcounter) over third-place Microsoft Edge browser (4.1 percent) is undeniable, so it’s somewhere understandable that Microsoft wants to dissuade users from switching to Chrome – Neowin has come to this conclusion.

If someone wants to access Google Chrome from the Edge browser, a small window pops up at the top right, and Microsoft sends a message letting you know that Microsoft edge is based on the same technology as Chrome, complete with trust in Microsoft. You don’t know what Google is saying about this because it looks like Chrome isn’t as reliable as Edge.

© Neowin

To be fair, Google also sends these types of pop-ups to Chrome users, but they allow you to opt out, while Microsoft’s message doesn’t let you do so. Just close the window itself.

Neowin mentions another example, which seems funny at first glance, but has severe underlying content. This will let the user know that Chrome is 2008 (browser). And what’s? Well, Microsoft Edge. Here, too, there is only one option (apart from closing the window): to move on to the future, that is, to the Edge.

© Neowin

The situation is similar with Microsoft Bing: when a user hits the term browser, Microsoft Edge immediately appears as a promotion, with much praise (world-class performance, greater security, and productivity). Google doesn’t need that. At least therthere’strace of self-praise when we search for Chrome.

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