A special look is coming to Windows 11

Microsoft is constantly improving Windows 11, which includes upgrading the operating system. Some users have already seen another such effect.

Those who have been using different versions of Windows for a long time are well aware of the small changes that have been made to make the system look more spectacular. However, these effects have slowed down the devices but noticeably reduced performance.

That’s why an innovation called Mica is an exception, which is a striking effect behind the windows that Microsoft claims require only a thimble of power. This allows the user to use it more confidently, as turning on the product does not significantly reduce the tempo of the device.

© Windows Latest / Mayank Parmar

Windows Latest has come to a similar conclusion that a phenomenon called Mica appears in more and more users. This was not the case before. Microsoft has just started introducing the feature in the last few days/weeks. Since then, however, it has appeared in more than one piece of software within Windows, including Paint, Calculator, the Edge browser, and now Word. But what exactly does Mica do?

The display adjusts the windows to the colors of the desktop wallpaper and highlights the currently running and active software. The development is not only spectacular, but it is also helpful, and the best: it only slightly slows down the machine.

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