How to create a list of all the items in a folder on Windows 10?

The index is always helpful, and sometimes you need folders for it. Nothing stops you from creating a list of files and folders; copies and pastes many file names into a text file. If you are looking for an easier way to make all the items in a folder, enter the Folder Manifestation test.

The Folder Manifest will perform the primary task of creating a list of all the items in a folder. Still, it also has additional features that can add further information, such as the date and time and the size of the items next to it. The only thing you don’t do is create a text file to export everything. In the end, you have to copy the entire list to a text file, but it’s still less tedious and time-consuming than having to do it for each file.

List of items in the Folder

Download and install the Manifest Folder. This adds a handy option to the Folder’s context menu. Right-click the folder in which you want to create an item list and select Folder Manifest.

The application opens all the lists of folders. If some items, such as subfolders, are missing, ensure that “Show subfolder names” are enabled. Additional options can be helped with file and folder names: a timestamp, a size stamp, and the full path to the files and folders in it. This is optional, so you can select “File Name Only” and then copy everything to a text file in the pane.

When you open the application, you can click the change button and select the desired Folder to create an index. If you have added new files and folders to the Folder chosen, click “Refresh,” The application will load a new list of items.

The Folder Manifest can list all file folders but does not list the names of the subfolders. To work around this, try the “Full path list” option. It adds the full path to each item, allowing you to tell which files are in another folder and at the root of the Folder.

Folder Manifest is a reasonably old app and doesn’t seem innocent, which is a shame. You can do this by exporting to a simple text file.

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