How Blockchain technology is used in Axie Infinity

The blockchain system has been one of the strongest novelties in technology; this system gave rise to the birth of cryptocurrencies in 2009, creating a new decentralized monetary system, the starting point of a new digital revolution.

This system is a translation “block system,” which works as a database open to the public. It has the highest security and encryption standards with asymmetric cryptography and hash functions that make it virtually invulnerable to any attack.

The most recent innovation that has taken great advantage of blockchain technology has been the NFT games. These games are based on the system of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

How does the world of Axie Infinity work?

The world of Axie Infinity is quite large and has a lot to offer us; in principle, the protagonists of this adventure are our axies. These round creatures are divided into different classes.

Each class or type will have a series of cards, which will serve as special abilities that each axie can use to fight against monsters in Player versus Environment (PVE) mode or against other axies in Player versus Player (PVP) mode.


The game, in general, takes place in a turn-based combat system in which we will have an energy limit for each turn to use the cards of each axie, and the challenge will be to manage our resources well and manage our small creatures well to achieve victory.

What currency is used in Axie Infinity?

Axie’s success is possible thanks to its well-thought-out internal economic system, divided into two main currencies that use beyond serving as currency. The first to consider for this aspect is the Axie Infinity Shards. This currency is used primarily in the Axie Infinity marketplace to sell and purchase axies.

The other currency popularly used in the game is the Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Its players use this currency to make changes with other cryptocurrencies and earn money within the game. Still, its primary use is within the game is intended to ensure mating between 2 axies.

Is it possible to exchange earned Axie currency for real money?

Exchanging money within the game is a relatively complex and cumbersome process because there are several wallets in which transfers need to be made to earn money. The first is the Ronin wallet belonging to Axie Infinity, the Metamask wallet that enables us to change with the Ethereum network directly. We can then transfer to the Binance network to change Ethereum to our local currency.


However, thanks to its popularization, new options have been opened that reduce the number of transfers between wallets, reducing the commissions charged for making exchanges between them.

As an example, we have the modification made by Binance in which we can make the direct transfer of our SLP to the Binance network.

How much can you earn with Axie Infinity?

Although we may hear this about it as a game, we should not be confused. We will have to make a great effort to meet our earnings expectations since these are mainly based on the SLP we earn, both PVE and PVP.

Depending on the currency’s value, we can have profits ranging from 300 dollars per month to 700 dollars per month, generating the minimum value of SLP that can vary between 135 and 150 SLP per day.

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