According to trusted sources, the exclusive PlayStation game Wild has been cut off

Another loss

Wild is a PlayStation-exclusive survival adventure game announced in 2014. Although there is much to be known about him, the basic idea is interesting: the player can control a shaman who can also take the form of wild animals to play as a bear, eagle, and snake, for example.

However, it now appears that the game’s development has stopped, as the project has been scrapped. Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel headed Wild’s development team, Wild Sheep Studio, but the developer announced his retirement last September. Insider Jeff Grubb said Ancel’s snag overthrew the project.

“There’s no wild anymore. Wild is dead. I think Ancel abandoned the project. He’s not working on it anymore, so it’s been stopped,” VentureBeat journalist said in a news broadcast of Giant Bomb.

Grubb added that the Wild team is trying to stay together and work on other projects because the brigade has many talented members. The journalist does not know precisely what might be behind it, but he says that the developers are no longer working on the IP.

In addition to the project’s announcement in 2014, a gameplay trailer was unveiled at Paris Games Week 2015, which was short but seemed promising. Then, two years later, in 2017, Ancel shared a photo of the game on Instagram, eventually unveiling some new images in 2020.

Since then, no official information about Wild has been received. When Ancel left, he insisted that the sequel to Wild and Beyond Good & Evil would go without him, but the former could apparently be mowed down, and the latter was developing very bumpily. Yesterday, we reported on why Sony plowed not only one project but an entire studio.


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