EA Play Summary: Dead Space and Battlefield 2042 Crazy Game Mode Also Announced

The short but meaningful presentation

Please, we are beyond that! After Electronic Art, as usual, skipped E3 (in fact, this time they correctly separated themselves from the expo on time), they finally disrupted EA Play, where their more significant announcements are usually dropped.

The label seemed to have learned from the mistakes of previous years because this show was finally not pulled too unnecessarily (it lasted about 40 minutes). They only talked about a few games but in a concise way. Wrecker Austin Watson was also a fair presenter (or at least not particularly annoying), and EA managed to come up with exciting announcements. Let’s see quickly what these were!

The first big unveiling was Grid Legends, a new racing experience for Codemasters recently acquired by EA. This damn spectacular game will have several unique features based on its preview. There will be a storytelling game mode, plus there will be live-action walk-throughs.

This may not sound good at first, but they also use Stagecraft technology, also used for the Mandalorian, to capture scenes, meaning actors play against a set that appears on a giant screen, not against a green background.

The other exciting thing is that there will be vehicle categories in this Grill, but this will be mixed in one of the game modes. In other words, trucks will also be able to compete against muscle cars, and so on. The game will be released sometime in 2022, but it has not yet been clarified on what platforms.

Apex Legends followed this. The next playable character has already been announced for the Respawn shooter game, just a new preview. As it turns out, the cap style will find enemy heroes based on heartbeats while using aim-down sight. Its ultimate ability will create a zone from miniature drones to measure the opponents moving within it.

In principle, he will play a similar role as Bloodhound, and only he will be better suited to steal. Seer’s gameplay hasn’t been shown yet, but on July 26 (Monday), it will happen too. The hero arrives on August 3, as is next season, Emergence.

A little bit of the EA Originals program, indie Lost in Random, will arrive on September 10 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. The protagonist of the story set in a fairytale-like world will be a Couple who tries to save his twin brother, Páratlán, in the company of a living dice, from the clutches of an evil queen. It is a rear-facing action game, and the unique feature is that we will be able to use our abilities with randomly drawn cards.

The knockout city, also labeled EA Originals, was commemorated and released a few months ago. According to the developers, the game has been a great success, with the second cinema-themed season coming on July 27, which will make more cosmetic stuff and more available.

We’ve already arrived at the game that most people probably expected during the performance. The previous leak proved to be true in connection with Battlefield 2042. Its third game mode will be about freely mixing in almost every element of the last parts of the franchise (weapons, characters, vehicles, tracks).

The game mode is called Portal, and in the preview presented here, they have given some pretty brilliant examples of what can be cultivated. For instance, we can create battles in which military doctors armed with defibrillators clash with knife-wielding World War II German soldiers.

The essence of the Portal is that users can compile any game modes from the items at their disposal and then share them. The system seems entirely free, although the tracks themselves will not be modified. Let’s say I’ll be wondering if EA will also adopt a strategy like Blizzard, which has automatically owned the rights to fan content created in its games since last year. Bottom line, the Portal will be available as early as October 22, when Battlefield 2042 is released, unlike the Hazard Zone game mode, which only arrives later.

Why then came the real surprise? They announced Dead Space. It worked out a little weirdly because the preview released for it was very short and skinny (though hellishly cozy at the same time), so all of a sudden, we didn’t even understand if it was a sequel, or a prequel, or a video in my memories, or what the hell it wanted to be, but as it turned out, this will be the processing of the first part.

What we do know is that Motive is doing it and that it’s coming for PC, Xbox Series X / S, and PlayStation 5. A few things were revealed about the game outside of the conference, and we’ll come up with the details soon.

How did you like EA Play? Were you satisfied with the delivery? Or did you expect more exciting announcements? Write below in the comments!

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