Tribes of Midgard reaches an imposing sales milestone

Nice performance!

Perhaps everyone still remembers Valheim, the surprise game of the beginning of the year that entered a state of early access in February and was of terrible interest in it.

The surviving open-world match is still played a lot and is developing nicely. You don’t have to be afraid of the Tribes of Midgard because, in any case, it is a Viking-themed work of a different genre and different tempo, which in turn resembles Valheim in that it produced very nice results. Weeks after its premiere.


The Tribes of Midgard, which has been postponed several times and is embraced by the publishing division of Gearbox (Borderlands), finally ran on July 27, and its marketing campaign appears to have been effective, with plenty of confidence in its first week and even its first three days of 250,000.

Copies sold out. That number has doubled by now, as the development team, Norsfell Games, reported on Twitter (below) that yes, they and the players did it: they crossed the 500,000 dream mark, so more than half a million have already knocked down the Tribes of Midgard. Of course, Valheim’s stats are still a long way off, as it managed to herd 3 million virtual Vikings into longships in 2 weeks.

What are these Tribes of Midgard? It is a rather exciting genre hybrid, perhaps faster than it needs to be. Due to its time limit, we feel it drives like a Tatar, even if one can live with this image disorder in a Viking game. Our job is to defend the world tree in the middle of our village from the regular, nightly attack of growing opponents.

During the ever-shortening days, we have the opportunity to gather the raw materials needed to build towers or gates, strengthen our character, and crush the regularly arriving giants (Jotünn) before they reach the world tree or the tree of life.

So tower defense, action role-playing, and survival play are mixed in Tribes of Midgard. You also have a powerful roguelike punch because if you destroy the particular tree against it, the game is over and unless you reach a point limit, and we didn’t get permanent stuff, we can start everything from scratch in the new game, net round.

This can be frustrating for some players, so the Tribes of Midgard is not for everyone, just as Returnal wasn’t. But the fact is that the fast-paced (basically 2-3 hours) game, which you can expect for our test soon, can cause pleasant minutes, especially in teams (we can play ten multiples at a time).

The Tribes of Midgard has been available since July 27 on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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