Rainbow Six Extraction now has a release date and some good news about its price

Friendly price, friendly date

One of Ubisoft’s much-delayed games is Rainbow Six Extraction, which runs on Quarantine and Parasite. However, the Extraction, sharpened by the cooperative model and inspired by Rainbow Six Siege’s epidemic season and gameplay, is finally getting straightened out, with a release date and a pretty friendly price. And it also came with a new preview and a gameplay video that you can watch below.

Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on January 20, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. The game isn’t far away, and the good news is that it won’t be available in stores at a total price or the usual price for AAA-rated games.

Still, the standard edition is available for as little as $39.99. True, according to a Ubisoft announcement, this is only a target price, so it may vary from store to store. The Deluxe Edition, which includes three exclusive bonus packages, will cost $49.99.

Pre-orderers will receive the Orbital Decay package, including two suites and an outside weapon. Those who have played Siege will automatically receive the United Front Bundle, which features items used in both Siege and Extraction. Extraction operators will open for the commando simulator released in 2015.

The developer/publisher has also clarified that Rainbow Six Extraction comes with full cross-play support, and our backups and development can be transferred from one platform to another, or they will be assigned to a large, unified account, so we can continue Extraction of any machine for which we purchased the game.

More good news is that it comes with a cross-players Buddy Pass, which means we can invite two friends to play on any platform.

The buddy does not need to have the Extractions. He will receive his trial for 14 days. If they would like to control common parasites and mutants and buy the game, they can continue where they left off in the trial version.

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