See how big the Steam Deck is compared to Nintendo and other handheld consoles

At first glance, this will be different

In July, we also received two big news on the handheld console front: on the one hand, Nintendo announced the improved Switch, and on the other hand, Valve unveiled its new Steam hardware, the Deck, which is best suited to a more powerful PC. Because they are similar in size and design, many have begun to compare the two machines, and Valve also had to make a statement that despite appearances, the Steam Deck will not be a competitor to the Nintendo machine as its target audience is different.

Nevertheless, it is worth looking at the pictures below, where you can see the two gaming machines side by side and each other, and the Deck and other previous handheld devices.

Steam Deck vs. Switch vs. GBA vs. PS Vita vs. Game Gear (Source: Jan Ocha, Giant Bomb )

On the one hand, Tom Verren, editor of The Verge, has published one of the photos below, in which we can place the Deck and the Switch on top of each other. Even more exciting is the other image published by Jan Ocha, a video player for Giant Bomb, which features several classic handheld consoles: Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, and PlayStation Vita alongside Nintendo and Steam.

The parameters of the Nintendo Switch will be J8-Connal 238x102x14 mm, while the Steam Decks will be 298x117x49 mm, but the OLED Switch will be slightly larger than the current one: 239x102x28.7 mm.

The OLED version of the Nintendo Switch will hit stores in October and the Steam Deck in December this year. You can learn the essential information about the Deck, plus a little addition to the targeted frame rate here.

Nintendo Switch vs. Steam Deck (Tom Warren, The Verge)

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