Intel is releasing super-powerful gaming versions of its mini PCs

Intel's new NUC Extreme machines are slightly larger but also much more powerful than their predecessors.

Intel NUC machines have traditionally lived in the public consciousness as small PCs that don’t require a lot of space but in return sacrifice the ability to expand, primarily for office work or full web browsing.

So far, the chipmaker announced an expansion to its NUC series on Thursday that will fundamentally kick out the previous stereotypes listed.

The company’s new NUC Extreme machines already have a highly modular system. It is finally possible to create much more severe configurations than before and improve them over time by replacing components. The new machines will be shipped with Intel Core i7 or Core i9 state-of-the-art processors and include a separate video card, making them suitable for even more serious games.

New NUC Extreme configurations can run more serious games thanks to the dedicated video card

In addition, four of the M.2 slots are now available in the new super-compact machines, and Intel has installed three fans to ensure that taking advantage of the increased performance does not cause the components to overheat. In addition, of course, the Wi-Fi 6e interface and 2.5 gigabit Ethernet port, which are common in previous models, are also part of the configurations, which include a power supply of no less than 650 watts to meet energy needs.

Interestingly, Intel has developed an RGB backlit front panel on the front of the machine that anyone can replace with one of their favorite designs, making the device look unique. For all this, the manufacturer is asking for $1,150 and $1,350, respectively, depending on whether users are requesting new NUC Extremes with a Core i7 or Core i9 processor.

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