Days Gone: Sony has created a separate publisher label for its games coming to PC

Symbolic business decision

VGC drew our attention to Steam users who spotted a change in Sony’s publisher name on the Valve platform on Wednesday. The Japanese console manufacturer and publishing company used to be present as PlayStation Mobile, but now we can see it as PlayStation PC LLC on the platform.

According to VGC, Sony registered the company name back in April at a California headquarters. While the name change alone doesn’t seem like a big deal, it does show that Sony has serious aspirations to embrace the PC platform.

Sony acquired the Nixxes team this summer, and they specialize specifically in PC porting. Games from the PlayStation 4 era are now available on PCs like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and Death Stranding. However, early next year, God of War and 2 Uncharted will also arrive on desktops.

Interestingly, however, it is not Nixxes but Jetpack Interactive responsible for the God of War PC port. A few years ago, Sony was very reluctant to be present on other platforms, but since then, it has started to open up seriously to the PC platform.

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