Some questions arise as to upcoming Netflix games on iOS

It’ll only be a matter of time before iOS games start showing up on Netflix. The App Store policy, on the other hand, poses significant difficulties in this regard.

From early November, Android games will be available on Netflix’s subscription service, and it won’t take a lot of luck to figure out that, sooner or later, iOS games will have to be available as well.

This topic is also addressed by a notable Bloomberg journalist, who claims that the matches would be available on the App Store. This implies that you can’t download or play the games on Netflix; you can only start them from there.

Of course, this isn’t surprising because it also works for Android games: if you select an app from the Dedicated Games tab, the Google Play Store will open, prompting you to download the app and sign in to your Netflix account.

On iOS, the procedure would most likely be the same. You might be able to get the game from the App Store and then log in to your Netflix account to play it. Netflix would not legally violate App Store standards due to this, but it wouldn’t be remarkable if Apple forbade Netflix from displaying an Android-style game page, according to 9to5Mac. Netflix is unlikely to get the excellent, coherent, all-in-one solution they desire.

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As a result, the author of the Bloomberg piece anticipates that Netflix will move its games to the cloud in the future.

Again, this would be ideal for Android, but Apple’s regulations make cloud gaming solutions nearly hard to implement, forcing services to settle with mediocre online apps. If Netflix decides to embrace cloud-based gaming, it’s unclear what will happen to the service on iOS.

But don’t go too fast. For the time being, the App Store solution will be used, albeit the service’s success will ultimately be determined by Apple, which, while an old partner, is becoming a significant competitor to Netflix.

Netflix’s gaming selection is still limited, especially compared to Apple Arcade, which offers users hundreds of titles to download.

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