Crysis 4 is now official: Crytek confirms it

It has been a long time since the first rumors about Crysis 4 began to arrive, a title that until now was nothing more than a theory and that, however, many people took for granted. And it seems incredible, but in a few days, it will be nine years since the arrival of its predecessor, Crysis 3, on the market, although throughout these years, the remastered versions have served to keep the title current.

Crysis 4 has not been a surprise, and not because of the speculations that I have just mentioned, but because of the publication of Crytek China, in the Chinese social network Bili Bili, of a message in which it affirmed that the Crysis 4 project was an Actually, a message that was deleted shortly after, which gives us to understand that the publication was a mistake. An error, of course, in terms of deadlines, but that already made it clear to us that something was cooking.

And now it has been confirmed, finally officially and without a deletion after a few minutes. Crytek’s CEO, Avni Yerli, has posted a blog post ensuring that the game is already on the way. « It’s something you’ve been asking us for a long time, so it’s finally time to confirm: yes, a new Crysis game is in the works! » In addition to the announcement, the company has also published, on YouTube.

Crysis 4 will not arrive soon; yes, we can also read on the blog that the game is currently in the early stages of its development, so we can deduce that today’s wait, will be measured in years. Unless, of course, the state of Crysis 4 is not as initial as we can gather from the CEO’s words, something that at this point seems very unlikely. Everything points, therefore, to the fact that in the short and medium-term, what we will have will be announcements about its evolution.

That is precisely what the CEO of Crytek announces, who confesses that he is ” eager to reveal more details about what is coming. “In addition, in the same post, he indicates that there are currently vacancies in the development team, offering fans to apply to work on the development of Crysis 4, and announces news, both this year and later for Hunt: Showdown.

Since its first release, Crysis has been responsible for the evolution of hardware. This is something we already talked about when Microsoft Flight Simulator was released. One more reason why a new title in the franchise is good news, regardless of whether or not you’ve played the previous titles and whether or not you consider playing Crysis 4.

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