These are the best games of 2021 according to Fbhtechinfo

More of our end-of-year specials with a change of course towards content, increasingly present in everything we publish due to the importance they have acquired in recent times. We also do it with the queen category in this technological field: games. And it is that one thing is that you do not have much time to play and another that you do not like to play. We all want to play, and the MC team is no exception!

So, we are going with the best games of 2021, according to MC. Here is the key, because as with the rest of the specials that we have published so far, it is not about choosing the best of the year as such, but about recommending those that we liked the most. We must also bear in mind that we have not tested all the hardware that has come out this year, nor have we done it with the software, and this also applies to games.

Best games of 2021 according to Fbhtechinfo

We return to the standard requirements in this type of compilation article with this particular. Although it is evident that we have not tasted everything that has come out, we limit the selection to the titles that we have liked the most out of everything that has come out this year. Yes, regardless of the platform they were released for, which may alter what you will see next a bit. Here is our list of the best games of 2021.

1. Forza Horizon 5

It is not easy for a title in the racing simulator genre to be massively acclaimed by critics and the public. In our opinion, the fifth installment of Forza Horizon (twelfth in the main saga) has achieved this, becoming the best Xbox Game Studios launch to date due to the sales data that has come so far.

The improvement of the visual section has been overwhelming by the hand of the Playground Games studio and the lighting, the effects of dust, the smoke from the tires, looks like never before, just like the cars themselves and their components (it is the first of the franchise that supports ray tracing). At the same time, the different weather effects are visually appealing and affect the way you drive, changing from week to week so they can be re-enjoyed at new events.

The garage is almost oversized as the maps because it has 500 vehicles—many acquaintances from previous titles, others new and personalized and with higher resolution. The Xbox looks excellent in 4K / 30FPS quality mode, but it is the PC (if you have a good team) where it unfolds its full potential.

There are various game modes, from the primary campaign to improved multiplayer and accessible exploration of the open world. As a novelty, the ‘Horizon Arcade’ has been incorporated that adds a series of multiplayer minigames scattered throughout the map that you can play as a team. . It also has the ‘EventLab,’ a set of tools that are offered as a content creation suite where the player can create personalized games or races that they can try with their friends.

Bigger and better in all its sections, it is an excellent evolution of this saga born as a spin-off of Forza Motorsport but has achieved its rightful place. Forza Horizon 5 is available for Windows PC (included in Game Pass and on Steam) and on Microsoft consoles, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S. Highly recommended: one of the best games of 2021.

  • Genre: Simulators, racing
  • Platform: PC (Windows), Xbox

2. Diablo II Resurrected

It was one of the games that I looked forward to most, so I can tell you that this choice has been very personal, and I fully understand that more than one disagrees with me.

I still remember the first time I played the original Diablo II. It was on a modest 133MHz Pentium with 32MB of RAM and a 4MB S3 Virge 3D. The game was prolonged, but I could play it a little in its first zones with normal difficulty despite the jerks it gave, and I ended up wanting to update the PC to play it properly. When I finally had the hardware, I needed an optimal experience, and I spent many years on it.

Time is not wasted. Diablo II did not include age, graphically, not well at all, and I ended up getting tired, although the game always remained in my memory as one of the best in all history. When Blizzard announced Diablo II Resurrected and showed off its graphic finish, it was love at first sight.

I bought it as soon as it hit the market, and I have enjoyed it like a little kid. It preserves the magic of the original intact, and it has simply impressive technical craftsmanship. Essential if you liked the original, and highly recommended if you want the genre.

  • Genre: ARPG
  • Platform: PC (Windows), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

3. Huntdown

Huntdown is nothing revolutionary but rather an ancient and well-executed formula. To be more precise, this is the typical side-scrolling action game with platforms that was quite common in the 80s and the first half of the 90s of the 20th century.

The impetus of the developers to embody that spirit of the games of the past has resulted in a title that hooks after a few minutes and has a multiplayer that works locally. This comes at a time when split-screen or shared-screen multiplayer sounds like a novelty compared to the standard, which is online gaming. But yes, 20 years ago and more online was in its infancy, and the usual thing was to gather one or more friends in a house to play some games.

The setting is very successful in the aesthetic finish, the characters, and the music. In fact, in this sense, it is pretty reminiscent of the dystopian films of the 80s of the last century. However, the characterization is so exaggerated that it provokes inevitable laughter, which designers and developers have deliberately sought.

Huntdown will be a throwback (but with heavier graphics), while youngsters may see it as an exciting discovery.

  • Genre: Arcade, Action
  • Platform: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

4. Metro Exodus

Yes, I know what you are thinking: what is Metro Exodus doing in an article called “the best games of 2021”? Because not even for the according to MC has a place, a priori. Afterward, it all depends on where you play, as not all platforms move at the same pace. Thus, some titles come later to some than others, and if you are in the latter, it is news for you.

If you like single-player FPS, set in a setting as enjoyable as post-apocalyptic underground Russia that this raises, with touches of terror on the one hand and stealth on the other, the Metro saga is magnificent. Metro Exodus is a beautiful continuation in which you will continue to put yourself in the shoes of Artyom’s unconscious. There is a sequel underway, even though it could have remained in a trilogy.

  • Genre: Action (FPS)
  • Platform: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), PlayStation, Xbox

5. Halo Infinite

The last chapter of the Master Chief has been slow to arrive and has left us some scares along the way (like that trailer with a painful memory and more delay than expected), but, finally, 343 Industries has lived up to expectations was not a little bit.

Halo Infinite is everything we fans of the series have hoped for and, in addition, a fantastic gateway for those who have jumped on the bandwagon in the new generation. With exquisite gunplay (for my taste, only surpassed by the magicians of Bungie and their Destiny 2 ), this is the delivery that the saga needed and a whole compendium of good ideas that do not detract from a classic.

Solid technically, with an AI far superior to that of the competition, a fantastic campaign, and a multiplayer that significantly lengthens the life of the title, for me, Halo Infinite is one of the first reasons to jump now to the next-gen, in this case, from the hand of Microsoft.

  • Genre: Action
  • Platform: PC (Windows), Xbox

6. Psychonauts 2

Being the sequel to a cult game can be a great advantage since you start from a very privileged position. People who enjoyed the original title will welcome the sequel with open arms. But, on the other hand, they will also do it with enormous expectations, because what can be expected is that the new title is, at least, as good as the original. However, experience has taught us that these expectations are rarely met.

Although Schafer has always been known for his adventure games, this game is further proof that his talents are not limited to a specific genre. Quite the contrary, he once again shows that he is capable of adapting to the different mechanics of the genres, taking the best of each one and delivering games that are not only exceptionally fun but also with a stamp so so personal that any connoisseur of his work you would be able to identify your logo in a game even without knowing that it is yours.

  • Genre: Adventure, Platformer
  • Platform: PC (Windows), PlayStation, Xbox

7. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

For years, I have always been a fan of this role-playing saga from Square Enix, and although its first online installment did not convince me, I must admit that it is a great weakness for MMOs. So, years ago, I started my adventure in Final Fantasy XIV, just after entering its version 2.0.

It is a game far from over, having already promised its developers new content until at least 2024, with the promise of continuing even more if the player base allows it. Although the fact that the game’s growing popularity has no end, having even caused Square Enix to have to limit access to the purchase of the game for a while to stabilize its servers, it indeed predicts a bright future.

  • Genre: MMORPG, Fantasy
  • Platform: PC (Windows), PlayStation

8. FIFA 22

Although some may not believe it, the new installment of the video game based on the “beautiful sport” was once again the best-selling game in Spain. Does so much change from year to year to maintain these vast sales figures? Surely not, but undoubtedly FIFA continues to possess an excellent appeal for players who do not miss out on new versions while attracting new ones.

In summary, say that FIFA 22 evolves in gameplay, with a slower pace of play, more reliable goalkeepers, and the new animations included with HyperMotion give the game more realism. It highlights the variety of game modes that allow you to enjoy it as you like and still have no competition in licenses. We also see the new FUT competition system as positive, although we still do not like the micro-payment design that distorts the competition.

  • Genre: Simulator, sports
  • Platform: PC (Windows), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

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